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Website Design and marketing !


Why do you need a website?

With over 70% of people searching for local businesses online, a website has become a business essential, whatever your business having an online presense is a must !. All Activ Web Design consultants are trained in online marketing, we understand that a website is a business tool –

There are three main ways a website can help your business:

Save Money
Save Time
Make Money


Newspaper advertising,directories and magazine advertising can be very expensive but you can make better use of the money you spend by adding a website address in your advert. People like to "check out" a company or business first, making them much more likely to pick up the phone.

Make the most of free business listings - customers searching for your service on for example may pass you by without a website link and you will lose business to competitors. It''''''''s impossible for small and medium sized businesses to answer the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but a good website will be able to answer most of the questions your customers ask - hours of business, areas you cover, what you do,special offers, and a contact form will enable them to get in touch whatever the time of day.

We can offer advice and help on how to market yourself effectively online and generate more business and once you have that business how to keep it.

Activ believe in cutting through all the jargon, we won''''t induldge in " geek speak" and will tell you what you need to know and what it can do for your business

Frequently asked questions

 Not sure what I should say , what to include or how it should look !

 As your local  Activ Web Design consultant I can help -– I will chat and ask a few questions to get a feel for your business, offer advice and suggestions.  This will enable me to design a website which represents your business online and portrays your business in a professional manner.

How do I market my business online !

Once your website is live we have various free information leaflets explaining how to make the most of your website.

I can only afford a £299. website at the moment - what if my business grows !

If you are  just starting a new business or perhaps a sole trader you may be on a very tight budget. Our £299. 3 page website will give your business a very credible web presence but as your business grows you may require more. We can add on additional pages , a gallery, picture slider, email marketing etc. Each item has a fixed price in order for you to control the budget.

Why is the £499. comprehensive brochure site the "value" option

Although the £299. option is obviously cheaper, at £499. our fixed price comprehensive brochure provides excellent value for money. With multiple pages, a gallery, complex design features etc. you will get more for your money than adding features on to a £299. site at a later date.  


   If you would like to arrange a free, no obligation web consultation please contact me on 07850 300169 or you can use the online contact form to the right.



why choose us

Value for money !

Competitive pricing, professional services and fixed price options.  We design custom built websites which will benefit your business.

Web Design speciaists for small and medium sized buinesses.

Websites designed to help you market yourself effectively online and appeal to your target customer.

Local web design consultant

Local knowledge of the area and businesses - can call at your convenience - available should you need  help or advice once your website is live.